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Gail Klevan

Gail Klevan has to be one of the most sought after designers in England. Her beautiful cufflinks are a sight to behold. Crafted out of acrylic and foil, each pair is a miniature work of art for the cuff. The following is what Gail Klevan says about her own creations.

 This innovative jewellery has evolved by continuous experimentation with modern acrylic materials. The pattern and drawing refract dense colour with metallic gold and silver undertones across smooth and sculpted surfaces. These interact with the organic curvature and geometry of the highly polished optical-quality acrylic shapes creating shimmering, ever changing iridescence. Though bold, the jewellery is designed to adorn and flatter the wearer and is suitable with either casual or formal clothing and is comfortable and easy to wear for both everyday and special occasions. Like the Bakelite jewellery of the 1930's, these elegant and striking designs will become the classics of tomorrow.

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Acrylic and foil cufflinks
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Acrylic and foil cufflinks
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